The library can offer:

Fiction and nonfiction books in Norwegian and several other languages, language courses, newspapers, magazines, music-CDs, DVDs, audio books, comic-books, internet services, Playstation, reference books, local historical collections, public information, and historical church protocols and censuses on microfilm.

Steinkjer Public Library can also offer interlibrary loans from other public or academic libraries. Interlibrary loans are subject to the rules and regulations from the original library.

Library Cards
While anyone may use many of the library materials and services while in the library, having a library card enables you to do much more. With a library card, you can:

  • borrow books, dvds, cds, magazines and more
  • reserve and use the internet services
  • search the catalogue and reserve books on the library`s website

To obtain a library card:
Visit the library with identification. Parents must sign for children under 15 years of age to accept responsibility for items borrowed.
If you change your name, address, phone number or email please let us know.
Library cards are free to all patrons, but replacement library cards are NOK 20.

Lost or Stolen Library Cards
For your protection, contact the library immediately to report a lost or stolen library card so we can stop others from using your card. You are responsible for anything borrowed on your card until it is reported lost or stolen.

Loan Period

  • Materials are generally loaned for a period of 28 days.
  • Quick Picks, DVD's and magazines are loaned for 7 days
  • Language courses are loaned for 8 weeks

Renewing Items
By renewing your items before the due date online, you may avoid fines and extend your borrowing time on selected items.
Items may be renewed in person with your library card, by accessing your account through the library`s website or by calling the library at 40 40 23 30 (please be prepared to provide the number on your library card when telephoning). Renewable items can be renewed to a maximum of three times. Fines owing on library cards can affect your ability to renew materials.
Materials which may not be renewed
You may renew any material, except:

  • Quick Picks
  • Material in high demand
  • Materials on hold/reserved

Holds - Reserving Materials
You may reserve material by contacting the library in person
You will be notified:

  • by email if you provided your email address to us when you registered for or updated your library card OR
  • by letter (if you didn't provide your email address to us when you registered or updated your library card)

These items will be held for you for 7 days.

Steinkjer Public Library charges fines on overdue materials to encourage patrons to return items on time. Any fine revenue raised is added to the library's operating budget.

Fines are charged on late materials on a calendar day basis. If materials are not returned once the maximum has been reached, a bill is issued. Bills include overdue charges plus the cost for material replacement. If materials are returned then the replacement costs are cancelled, leaving only overdue fines to be paid. The library does pursue overdue accounts with a collection agency.

Payment for overdue accounts can be made at Steinkjer Public Library. Debit, MasterCard, Visa and American Express are accepted. Cash payments are also accepted.
Fines rates

Adults:  1st overdue notice: NOK 58 2nd overdue notice: NOK 116
Children (under the age of 15):  1st overdue notice: NOK 29 2nd overdue notice: NOK 58

If materials are not returned after 2 overdue notices, a bill is issued. Bills include overdue charges plus the cost for material replacement.

Replacements costs

Books from the adult department: NOK 520 per item
Books from the children`s department:  NOK 318 per item

If materials are returned then the replacement costs are cancelled, leaving only overdue fines to be paid: NOK 100.

Replacement costs for DVD, Audio-books, and materials of special value will be evaluated individually.

Replacement library cards are NOK 20.
Copies and Print:

Copies and print: NOK 5 per page (A4)
Colored copies: NOK 10 per page (A4)